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birth story part two

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Apr. 27th, 2005 | 11:18 am
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I woke up on and off early wednesday morning. I threw up a few times as well. Adam and my mom both stayed the night with me. The nurse had brought in cots for them, adam was beside my bed and my mom was at the foot of it.

The docs came back in around 8am and decided to try the gel again because i REFUSED more pitocin. While I was waiting for the gel to set in adam's step-mom, step-sis and a friend of the family all came in my room and wanted to speak with the doctors as to why it was taking so long and why they weren't doing something more.It was horrible. The poor doctor seemed a bit overwhelmed by all the questions. I did my best to calm everyone down and so did the doc...eventually the doc just explained that things were just not really progressing that fast and we'd just keep waiting because neither the baby nor I were in distress of any kind and then she left. I kicked everyoe out and then the doc came back in and examined me...finally i was at 4cm and she said that she could give me the epidural and then give me more pitocin and I wouldn't feel it. This was around 1pm.

I was kinda scared about the epidural. The nurses kicked everyone out of the room while it was being done. She was a great nurse (the names of the nurses i don't really remember) and held my hand through it and let me lean on her should while they were putting the epidural in. She kept talking me through it. It didn't hurt as bad as i thought it would and about 20 minutes after they put it in i was numb. i was in heaven. I went to sleep around 2-2:30 and woke up around 4 when they came in to check me. I was 7cm, fully effaced and my bag of water was "bulging". So they broke my water and in a matter of 10minutes i was at 9cm almost 10cm.

They said once I could feel pressure to let them know and I could start pushing. Once the docs left the nurse said to wait until I felt a good ammount of pressure because if i started pushing with only feeling a little bit of pressure I'd be pushing for awhile..

Around 7pm I started pushing...I pushed for about 20 minutes. I was feeling a bit of pain at this point. That's when the doc said that Kylie was coming out face up instead of face down and that's why her head wasn't slipping under my pubic bone and that we'd stop pushing for awhile..i could lay on my side and we'd see if she'd turn. They topped off my epidural and I got to relax some. Around 9 I started pushing again.... this time the epidural was wearing off yet again and I could feel and extreme ammount of pain.

I pushed for a half hour...screaming the whole way through. Everyone kept telling me to push..but her head was still in the same position...so basically her head was "stuck". Finally I had enough and refused to push. I flat out refused lol. The docs talked it over and agreed that Kylie wasn't going to turn so a c-section was our best option.

After this point everything is a bit blurry. They prepped me and brought me in the operating room. It seemed like forever until they let adam come in and then they started. It was freezing in the room and i was shaking a bit. It seemed like it took forever for them to get her out. They pulled her out and after about 10 seconds she cried....the longest 10 seconds of my life. The best sound I've ever heard in my life was when i first heard her cry. As soon as I heard her cry I lost it..i started balling almost as hard as she was. Adam got up and took pics of her as they cleaned her up. Finally they brought her over to me. I didn't get to hold her cause they were still closing me up but i did get to touch her face...she was amazing. Here's her stats- born at 10:48pm..weighed 8lbs 15oz and was 21 inches long

Finally once i was all closed up and everything was done they moved me to recovery. I got to hold her on the way to recovery. Adam's entire family (well his dad, step-mom, step-brother and his wife and step-sis) and my mom came in to see her for about a half hour. They all left around 12:30am. After they left I got to nurse her..she latched on like a pro :) They brought me up to maternity around 2:30am and I sent the baby to the nursery because i was sooo tired.

I won't really write about my stay on the maternity floor..it wasn't that exciting lol. They discharged me Saturday afternoon. The first few days were rough but now we're getting the hang of it. My incision (i probably spelled that wrong but oh well) got a bit infected this weekend and started draining but now i'm on anti-biotics and everything is clearing up...other than that I'm doing pretty good.

Kylie weighs 9lbs 5 oz now and breastfeeding is going pretty good :)

Hard to believe she's 2 weeks old today.

Ok now enough story...next entry is pics :)

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from: fairygoddess821
date: Apr. 27th, 2005 04:38 pm (UTC)

oh god that sounds rough!! Too bad they didn't do an u/s the day you went in and they could've seen her position and opted for an early c-sec instead of making you suffer!!

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